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The Highlights

1.    Tracking the boyong river
Kaliboyong is one of the river which passed by Merapi’s Lava, but now this river is quiet safe to be visited. You will enjoy natural atmosphere, water resource and the beauty of floral along the river while you do Boyong river tracking.
2.    The Zalacca palm fruit
Taking pleasure in ‘salak pondoh’ plantation in Agrowisata Turi while picking up the fruit by ourselves, gives a different sensation from other tourism objects.

3.    Tracking or Climbing to Merapi Mountaint
For those who fond of mountain climbing or mountain tracking or even only enjoying the beautiful scenery of Merapi Mountain, we provide a whole day long Merapi Mountain tour.

Our recommended during visits in Jogja

City Tour and Tugu Jogja

People come and go to Jogja, but the memory will always remain. Jogja monument nowadays is becoming an icon and landmark for this cultural city. People or tourist are usually taking picture or even kissing the monument to show their love and happiness.

Nightlife Crawl
One night experience where you will feel the modern side of Jogjakarta, starts with a nice dine in a well-known restaurant till a frenetic Music Live in recognized Cafés and Discotheque. This occasion is so much fun for you who like nightlife.

Ramayana Ballet
Presented by more than 250 dancers at its original place: Ramayana Open Air Stage & Trimurti Stage
Venue: Prambanan Temple Area - Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Ramayana is the finest example of famous Javanese tale in which the epic is engraves on the wall of Siwa Temple in the relic complex of Prambanan Temple. Ramayana in Prambanan’s version is somewhat dissimilar from the original Indian epic, reflecting the adaptation to Javanese culture over the centuries.
More recently, the Ramayana has been adopted for the performing arts. Since the 1960s, hundreds of dancers have brought the ancient relief's story to life performance at Prambanan's open- air stage, located just in the west of the temple complex. Basically, a traditional dance drama with no length of dialogue, the Ramayana Ballet or "Sendratari" - an acronym composed of the Indonesian words of art, drama and dance - is rocking good performance, with enough heroics, tragedy, romance and mistreatment, to satisfy the audiences, all presented under a tropical moon with the magnificent background of Roro Jonggrang Temple.
The entire Ramayana epic consists of four episodes, each night one episode, presented from 07.30 to 09.30 p.m. in four clear nights on and around the full moon, each month from May through October. The full story is held at Trimurti Stage every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; presented by more than 50 professional dancers.